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We are the Only Scuba Diving Shop in Southern Utah with both SSI and PADI Certified Instructors. Let us Help you decide which path to Diving Dixie is best for you!

Welcome to St. George, Utah’s high class dive shop Access Scuba. We love to scuba dive in southern Utah at Sand Hollow State Park and Quail Creek State Park, and we want to share southern Utah’s best dive locations with as many beginner divers, kids, and youth groups as possible. Of course, we have priced our PADI and SSI certification classes at discounted course rates.

Our dive instructors commit to giving you the best diving prices, diving service and diving preparation available in Southern Utah for the ultimate diving experience. Whether a family with kids in St. George looking for scuba rentals, SSI certification, PADI certification, or a review scuba course at Sand Hollow State Park for your next vacation, we have it all at Southern Utah’s most diverse course certification shop.

Suit up with Dan Westwood or Kurt Tanner. These dive instructors will prepare you for diving with PADI or SSI Open Water certification classes at Sand Hollow for scuba diving kids or advanced divers. Learning how to dive properly alongside your kids is a fun family vacation idea. After a short but thorough PADI or SSI certification course, not only will you feel safe diving to see Sand Hollow’s underwater airplane, you will also have the confidence to continue to the other SSI or PADI certification courses.

Located in St. George, Utah, Access Scuba’s Dive shop is located just 20 miles from Sand Hollow State Park and 14 miles from Quail Creek State Park. Sand Hollow Reservoir and Quail Creek Reservoir are two of the best places to dive in Southern Utah! If you’re looking to travel, check out our in-house travel agency to plan one of the most memorable trips of your life.

What are you waiting for? Contact Access Scuba today so we can show you how and where to begin your PADI or SSI scuba certification courses.

Dan Westwood
Couples that play together, stay together. And this is the case with Dan and his sweet wife Dani. Both are avid divers.

Dan Westwood has been diving for 10+ years and acquired a passion for the sport. He progressed rapidly through the diving certifications and became an instructor within a 9 months of becoming an Open Water diver.

He has shared that passion with all his students and has produced safe, responsible divers in the process.

Dan has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America for over 25 years and has a passion for scouting. Being an Eagle Scout himself, he knows the leadership and the kind of person an Eagle Scout has the potential to become. Dan has 2 sons who are Eagle Scouts as well as divers. “The scouting program has given me so much over the years, I am conscious that many scout groups aren’t able to participate in scuba because of budget constraints. I am more than happy to give back to the youth and their leaders by offering great pricing and services, so they can have the scuba experience.”

As a resident of St George he believes that everyone should be able to participate in scuba diving and not be held back because of economic circumstances. As one of the founders of Access Scuba he has implemented that philosophy into the price structure.

Kurt Tanner

Kurt Tanner loves scuba diving around St. George Utah. Sand Hollow State Park is one of his favorite places to teach beginning diving classes and PADI or SSI certification for kids, youth groups, and adults. He is highly respected as a dive trainer for the scuba knowledge he supplies to Access Scuba students.

Because he completed the professional level of the SSI and PADI certification meticulously, he is prepared to share his scuba knowledge with the his students and give them the best scuba training and diving instruction his scuba students can get. He will familiarize each scuba student with their dive gear and diving equipment to help his students choose the correct scuba accessories.

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